American Reporting Company

When you choose ARC as your Appraisal Management Company, you ensure compliance with all appraisal guidelines and GSE Delivery

Appraisal Tracker

Our proprietary ordering platform allows you to have direct access to the entire procurement and delivery process of your appraisals.
Here are just a few unique features we offer our clients:

  • Status Look Up Tool
  • Touch Points
  • Appraisal Delivery to Consumer
  • Communication Log
  • Document Tracker

Appraisal Compliance

We are audited annually by McGladrey LLP to ensure Appraisal Independence and compliance with all current appraisal guidelines.

We focus regionally in 11 Western States: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Utah, California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Hawaii.

GSE Delivery

Once you designate ARC as your Lender Agent, we will submit and process all of your appraisals to the UCDP.

  • All appraisals are in UAD format.
  • SSR for both Fannie and Freddie, along with 10 digit doc ID.
  • Collateral Underwriter Risk Review.

Appraisal Review

Our staff of licensed appraisers review every file before we submit the completed appraisal to the UCDP.

  • UAD language compliance
    (To avoid hard stops)
  • Fannie/Freddie Appraisal Compliance
  • Generally Accepted Appraisal Rules checklist, using GAAR viewer
  • Photo Review
  • Is the value reasonably supported by the appraisal?

Meeting with your underwriting department is very helpful to establish specific guidelines you may want us to include in our review. We currently review to the above standards.

Quarterly QC Review

We also offer our clients quarterly QC reports on 10% of their appraisals. This includes an AVM along with an appraisal review and a summary report for your files.
Fees are based on volume.


For more information about ARC products or service please click here or contact your account executive.